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Since its establishment,  Twenty Nine Firm has remained entirely dedicated to cultivating a strategic and high-caliber consulting practice. While headquartered in Georgia, our reach extends globally, fostering connections that span across borders. 

Welcome to Twenty Nine Firm, your partner in strategic business consulting! Founded by a visionary entrepreneur with a profound passion for understanding consumer behavior, we are driven by the belief that consumer insights are the cornerstone of successful business ventures. Our journey began with the founder's unwavering curiosity, delving into the intricate web of how consumers think, decide, and engage.


This fascination soon evolved into a mission – to empower nonprofits, small businesses, startups, and trade field entrepreneurs with data-driven strategies that harness the power of consumer behavior. At Twenty Nine Firm, we recognize that every click, purchase, and interaction shapes the modern marketplace. With a meticulous blend of neuromarketing expertise and research-driven insights, we unlock the secrets of consumer preferences, enabling us to craft compelling marketing strategies, refine product approaches, and engineer visual identities that resonate. Join us in exploring the nexus of human psychology and business success – where innovation meets consumer understanding.

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